About Us

We are an average Canadian couple who, like most people experience obstacles as we go about our healthly active Canadain life styles. I am always running into potentialy costly or dangerous problems out on the road with my phone, my car, my hobbies, and my pets and like you went in search of solutions. No easy task when there are hundreds of gimmicks and rip offs out there. I got so tired of being scammed  that I decided to start my own store so I can access whole salers and supplier around the world. I find great options never seen here in North America and or that offer afordable solutions to common every day problems.  I am my best customer but I pass huge savings on to my fellow Canadian consumers . You can rest assured that the products are as represented, are affordable and will show up as promoted to you. 

We are a safe place for  fellow consumers to find affordable and viable Life Hacks for phones, cars, health, home, sports and what ever else trips us up as we negotiate through life. 

Thank you for Stopping in , we hope you stop back often. Please dont hesitate to share your obstacle with us .We are always happy to  help you find a solution! 

The Canuck Club Family - OLdest Is Mum, other is Me Heather Segal Owner of Canuckclub.comStore Mascot and Adored Family Member Lucy BellaMy number one fan and partner in everything My loving Hubby ScottThis is me heading out to deliever parcels ( Iam a courier by day, entrepenuer samll business owner by night)