Try These 5 Tips to Forge A Proper Walking Technique

Try These 5 Tips to Forge A Proper Walking Technique

You walk everywhere, right? It’s how you get your body from point A to point B. However, did you know that when you’re walking for health and fitness there is a technique? Yes. Proper walking can help you maximize the benefits of walking for fitness. Here are some expert tips to help you walk with the best form possible.

Tip #1 Stand up straight.

Good posture helps you embrace all of the other walking technique tips we’re going to discuss. Good posture is the foundation of proper walking technique. What is good posture? Keep your spine straight. Not ramrod straight – relax. Square your shoulders. Hold your head up high so you are looking ahead of you. Don’t arch your back but instead focus on the top of your head. Think about it stretching toward the sky. When your head is held high, you tend to pull your shoulders into alignment and straighten your spine.

Tip #2 Loosen your arms and hands.

Many people walk with their fists clenched. Your arms will be bent at the elbow. However, they’ll also be relaxed. If you hunch your shoulders up, you’ll carry tension with you when you walk. Relax your shoulders, arms and hands and move your arms naturally as you walk. They will move from front to back in a parallel line, not a chicken wing movement. Also, your arms will rotate opposite your feet. So if your right arm is out front your left leg will be too.

Tip #3 Embrace your core.

Your core muscles are the muscles in your back and stomach. As you walk engage these muscles. Use them to maintain good posture and for momentum. When you engage your core muscles you’re also working to strengthen them. Strong core muscles help reduce injury and they also help you lose weight.

Tip #4 Breathe.

Many people forget to breathe naturally when they’re walking. This causes your entire body to tense up. It can actually make walking quite uncomfortable. As you’re walking inhale and exhale to a count. Depending on how quickly you’re walking the count may be to three or four.

Tip #5 Heel to toe.

Walk naturally. Walk  with a heel to toe foot strike. Try to keep your foot balanced with an even strike. Some people tend to walk on the outside of their foot – over-pronating. Others tend to walk on the inside of their foot – under-pronating. It depends on the shoes you’re wearing and the structure of your foot. Keep the length of your stride natural. Strides that are too long can cause you to fatigue quickly.

Start small. If you’re not an active person and are just beginning a walking program then start small. Take shorter walking trips or walk slowly. Walking is something that is quite natural for your body to do. As you begin to become accustomed to your new walking program, your body will adapt and strengthen quickly.

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