Talking A Walk For Exercise? Here's What You Need To Get Started

Talking A Walk For Exercise? Here's What You Need To Get Started

So you’re starting a walking program? Congratulations! Now that you’ve made the decision to get started it’s time to start preparing. The first question you might have is, “What equipment do I need?”

The good news is that in general you really don’t need much to walk. However, there are some pieces of equipment you might want to make your walking program more fun and effective.

#1 Shoes. The most important piece of equipment you need is good shoes. Now that doesn’t mean expensive shoes. What it does mean is that your shoes should be comfortable and supportive. Look specifically for walking shoes. They have a lower heel profile which puts your foot in a more natural position for walking.

Make sure they’re big enough so that your toes don’t touch the end. And watch for rubbing. Anywhere your feet rub on the inside of your shoes will likely blister. You’ll also want to find some comfortable socks that wick away moisture and keep your feet dry and blister free.

#2 Pedometer. A pedometer will help ensure you stay on track to reach your distance and fitness goals. It’s a good idea to splurge a little here. You want a pedometer that will last several years and maintain accuracy. Clip it to your waist in the morning and track your steps throughout the day.

#3 Music. Chances are you already have an MP3 player. Maybe your phone plays music or you have an iPod or other device. You might be interested in an arm band or other means to attach the device to you so you don’t have to worry about it falling out of your pocket. Music can be a great way to get motivated or to wind down.

#4 Clothing. It’s much more comfortable to walk in loose clothing. Sweats, warm up pants, moisture wicking shorts or pants and a comfortable top. Even if you’re walking during your lunch break, consider changing clothing. Jeans or business attire isn’t comfortable and it may distract you from achieving your walking fitness goals.

#5 Sun protection. Sunglasses, sunscreen and a sun hat are all important. Sun is good for you and helps you produce vitamin D. However, it can also cause cancer, wrinkles and aging skin. Nobody wants that! So take steps to protect yourself and your skin. Walk protected.

Finally, many experts recommend journaling or tracking your results and your success. Consider getting a journal or an application for your computer, iPad/iPod or phone. Use it to keep track of your daily steps and how you feel when you walk. It’s a great motivation tool!

Walking is one of the best ways to achieve and maintain good health. It’s easy to get started and requires very little equipment. Gather your supplies and get started walking today!

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