OMG I Quit Smoking

Let me start by apologizing for any recent lulls in my posts.  As  the title  of this blog suggests I have started on the rather arduous journey to finally quit smoking.

Now 54, I was diagnosed 5 years ago with stage 4 emphysema . As a  chronic and somewhat heavy smoker for 40 years it really came as no surprise, and the diagnosis at the time did nothing to deter me. So what changed you asked? Covid 19 did.  It has forced us all to look at life and decide what's really important to us. I also did some math and am still in shock when I think of how much money I have literally put up in smoke. I'm sure you can do the math too... 1 to 2 packs a day for 40 years at an average cost of 10 dollars a pack. Yes sir!  That's a whole lot of cash up in smoke.

So I made a conscious choice to quit once and for all. I am 12 days now into my journey as a non smoker. The ash trays are gone from my home and my car. The walls  and windows washed  clean of the yellow stain that covered them.

I am amazed that I haven't wanted to kill anyone yet, or gained 20 pounds. Its not easy though. I still find myself looking for my smokes, reaching for them several times a day, but it's getting better. 

 When a craving comes on I try to do something else. Short walks, play with the dog, clean something. Anything but smoke or eat. Walking helps, Yoga helps. Staying away from my computer and my phone have helped. 

 I wanted to share this, because I know I  am not a lone on my path. I also wanted you to know that the lags in posts are just me on my journey to a smoke free and much wealthier life!   I'm following my own advice to Get Up, Get Out, and Get Active.

Stay tuned for updates.

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