Camping 101- Getting Started

Camping doesnt need to be a huge production with every gadget under the sun. It doesn't require 10 trunks from the kitchen and 40 crates from the rest of the house to go camping.

It shouldn't be more work for Mum and/or Dad either, after all its there break too.  When I think back on camping as a kid now I realize why my Mum was never a big fan.  She cooked a full breakfast, a full lunch and a full dinner every day for a family of 4 and all the prep and clean up to, i sure dont recall any of us sticking around to help out. The kids headed to the lake and Dad headed for the beer.I For my Mum it was a lot more work than home,and then she would get eaten alive by bugs too. Poor Mum. We went camping every summer as a kid. It was a place to run free and just be kids.  The adults always went boating an water skiing and let loose the stress so they could survive another year or adulting.

But seriously folks, camping by its very nature ( pun intended) is designed to strip you down to the basics required to live. When you go camping you are meant to stop and take deep gulps of FRESH air, stop and listen. then just chill, relax, let lose the stress, soak in the rays or get active and enjoy all our beautiful country has to offer us.  To enjoy yourself all you need are a few basics. 

Shelter - You can go a few ways here, depending on the number of people and weather. For the purposes of this blog lets assume its normal Canadain summer   temps. For the solo hiker or Biviwhacker there is a huge range of tents and options available depending on the skill level and investment level you want to make. For the average person heading out for a night or two of solitude  a hammock is often enough.  Get one with built in mosquito netting for the ideal sleeping hammock for one, like the ones available at the    

When it comes to couples heading out for the first time I recommend gettinga new tent even if one of you has one.  The neatest and easiet tent you will ever set up is a pop up tent. They look like a hoola hoop in a bag when you first see them and would never guess what it will become by simply pulling it out of te bag and give it a flip like a sheet on a bed and with he snap of a finger you tent is up. It still neds to pegged and aor tied to ensure it does fly away. ( Incidently they do make fairly good kites)  The 2-3 man popup tent is a reasonable price for a starter tent, takes up no storage space and is set up in 30 seconds.  They look awesome and offer a roomy space. Putting them away can be comical if you havent ever seen one of these tents before so I do recommend checking out a video on Utube or you can laugh your way through it like the rest of us have. Really all you do is twist it into a figure eight fold the - 8 -in half so is a double circle - 0 -  and put it away.  Once you've done it once or twice it goes away almost as fast as it goes up. 

Pop up Tent for 2 to 3 pictured above.  With all you really need.  

Add a Sleeping bag for each person and a sleep mat.  The sleep mats are thin air matresses that offers a cushion between the ground and you . You can get self inflating ones or ones that require only a few breathes. 

 Food - When it comes to cooking it really depends on you. We usually just bring snack type foods and eat at the local establishments. I find a bucket of KFC and large salads is plenty for hubby and I for 2 days. I also boil eggs and take a dozen boiled and a loaf of bread. Hot dogs, buns and condiments. Popcorn or (Smores) and marshmellows are a must

A simple foil lunch bag  that plugs into the car ( needs an invertor) or the camp site power to heat up food can be a great item when camping.  We toss in a old oven rack with tin foil and use it to grill over the fire.  Dont forget an oven mit or an old towel, a decent knife and a couple of forks spoons knives . We went to the dollar store an dgrabbed a couple of pastic  plates and glasses and we use our travel mugs. 


For morning coffee, all you need is usb power and a usb coffee machine. ( every coffee drinker should have one! Camping doesnt mean yo have to give up all the comforts of home. 

Dont forget to toss in a couple of towels and a camp chair. Now your ready to Get Up, Get Out and Get Going . 


PS: Sunscreen, Solar Power Charger for Cells and Bug spray should be in every camp kit too. Stop in to  for all our camping solutions.


Have Fun 

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